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Timeline and Updates

 Construction Continues

The foundation has been poured as construction continues to move along for the Country Hills Egg Farm laying-hen facility.

 Construction is Underway

The Country Hills Egg Farm team began the construction of its laying-hen facility in late June 2018. The pictures displayed here show that we have broken ground, the area has been cleared, and we have begun pouring foundation. Construction is expected to be complete by December 2018.

 Country Hills Egg Farm is Approved

The Country Hills Egg Farm team achieved a significant milestone in November 2017 – Rocky View County (RVC) and the Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) approved permits for the construction of its proposed laying-hen facility.  The approved permits will allow the company to move forward with the construction of several barns to raise young hens (pullets) as well as laying hens, and to allow for egg collecting operations and separate storage facilities, all within the subject lands.

Country Hills Egg Farm is now in the process of finalizing the detailed design of the facility and anticipates that construction will begin in March 2018.